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Seaside Bed and Breakfast
5513 Deep Bay Drive,
Deep Bay,
Vancouver Island, Canada
Phone 1-250-757-2000

Seaside Kayak Rentals and Sailing Excursions

Sailboat charters

Kayak rentals

Sailing charters

Kayaking lessons

If you like the touch of wind on your ear
The spray from a windswept sea
The power of wind and sails driving us
Through the endless restless seas
The wail in the rigging is calling
Salt spray is everywhere
Then come, you must come, sailing with me.

Sail charters, boat rentals

Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing.

We can teach you how to sail. We specialize in family outings on our sailboat.

Take advantage of our free introductory kayaking lessons from our beach house!
We also have Guided Tours Available.

The waters are safely protected by islands for the novice. Of course, this means islands galore for the avid paddlers to enjoy.

    Rates Starting At:
  • Kayaking - Starting at $17.00 per hour.
  • Sailing - Starting at $50.00 per person, minimum 4 people or $200.00 for 3 hours

We accept travelers checks.
All our prices have been reduced for cash payments.
No HST Tax